Wednesday, May 24, 2006
T for two....

After taking the new DEXTrainsit transporter subway. Logan and I arrived to Dex's diner… It's been a while since I have been here… So much has happened.
I was almost killed.
Pantha's boyfriend came to visit Logan
Sentinels attacked.
Magneto has been plotting after his attempt to take over Xavier's school failed.
Logan had to call an old fling.

And that is just the recent stuff… So I was upset about this old fling of his. Decided to bring him here so we could have a nice dinner for two.

We were seated right away… Logan ordered a beer, a hamburger and fries and a milkshake and salad for me. We sat enjoying ourselves…

"You seem to be healing fast babe." Logan said as he lit a cigar…

I smiled, "I don't have your healing factor but I do heal quickly."

"So do you know who tried to kill you?" Logan asked.

"An old nemesis. Once upon a time friend. I would rather not talk about it, if that is okay." I asked as I reached and touch his rough face.

"Fine by me, what do you want to talk about?" Logan took my hand and was holding it…

I smiled again, "Think we can talk about your nightmares?"

"I would rather not. Im not really ready to talk about that yet." He wiped his mouth and signaled the waitress with his free hand and then turn back to me , "Something else then."

I took my hand back , "Okay, the woman, you called. Who is she.. exactly?"

"An occassional fling. Nothing more, nothing less. We get together when one of us … um gets lonely." He said in a matter of fact manner

"And now? I mean you didn’t say was an occassional fling, as in past tense." I stated

"Why you up for something different?" He grinned leaning in across the table

I without thinking just slung my milkdshake at him, covering him in pink liquid.

I was angry. I got up, tossed Dex enough credits to cover our dinner, tip and pay for the mess and started to walk away, leaving the diner… I heard Logan get up and then say something.

I turned to see that a larger man than him had stood and was blocking him from following me.
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  • At 2:57 AM, Blogger The Black Plague said…

    I would like to make a reservation:

  • At 9:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Seems That all of the problems in the world get worked out at dex'x place. Would you people quit throwin stuff, Im tired of tryin ta get milkshake outa my clothes.

  • At 3:26 PM, Blogger Dark Jedi Kriss said…

    Diner rule number 1, no tossing milkshakes.
    Obi-Wan was picking Cheetos out of hair the other day from the food fight I walked right in to. "Been to Dex's, huh?" he says.

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