Saturday, September 09, 2006
Heading to Sky City....
I sat for a while at this table, Dex made us something to eat so both kids sat eating quietly. In front of me was a thick spiral book to an untrained eye it may look like your average school notebook but it wasn't the pages were thicker and electronic though not thick as one may think… Each page was a large Galactic Map, each of these map pages could change to provide information and listing of solar systems within the galaxies and can even provided global maps of planets with in the solar systems … The book had 200 pages that was 200 Galaxies within the known Universe… Each Galaxies possessing several solar systems or star charts of different things to be seen…

I was planning my trip… I would head over to Sky City, that is as soon as I could find a shuttle to take me… We would stay and visit some friends… Then I would take Hotstuff and Justice on a trip and teach them about the universe…

Not all the planets and galaxies are inhabited but there is so much for them to learn… This trip will take along time and will end in us returning to Drakulon.

I had joined a special group of xenobiology and a dragonologist when I was 15. I spent several years out studying only a few of the galaxies… I think it would be nice for the kids and myself to explore a little while the Human's fight their Civil War….

However I can't help but feel I have lost one of the best things that was in my life….
But for Now I must protect Justice, my daughter…

No telling what would happen if I stay on Earth
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